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Big Brother 10


Big Brother 10 is the tenth season of the American reality television series Big Brother. The show premiered July 13, 2008 on the CBS television network, airing three times a week; Sundays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT), Tuesdays at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), and Thursdays at 8 p.m (live ET/delayed PT). Julie Chen returned as host, and Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Scott Einziger were the executive producers. The show was produced by Endemol USA and Allison Grodner Productions. The finale was Tuesday, September 16, 2008.

This was the second edition of the show to air in the same year. Originally, only one summer edition was due to air, but the 20072008 Writers Guild of America strike prompted CBS to air an additional season, Big Brother 9, from February to April during the regular television season and Big Brother 10 for the summer of 2008.

Big Brother 10 was noted as a "back to basics" season by both CBS and the production team. As part of the back to basics format, live audiences returned for the Thursday eviction shows (something not featured since season 1), there were thirteen HouseGuests, and they were once again complete strangers (after several seasons of having some HouseGuests already know each other).

Big Brother 10 lasted just 71 days, nearly a week and a half shorter than most seasons, making this the shortest season of the American series of Big Brother.

America's Player

Viewers (from Canada and United States) have control over a player. From July 29 to August 7, Dan, after accepting the offer by America to become their designated player, was asked to complete various tasks that America specifies (via text messaging or voting on for a chance to win $20,000 at the end of the week. Viewers were able to vote on tasks from the end of an episode until midnight Pacific Time. Once Dan received the tasks, he made meaningful efforts to complete the tasks in any way he could.

Broadcasts and Interactivity

On April 14, 2008 CBS announced Big Brother 10 would return on July 13, 2008, with episodes airing on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. During the season finale of Big Brother: After Dark on April 27, 2008 it was confirmed that the companion show would return for Big Brother 10. House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show will also return for Big Brother 10. CBS and AirPlay announced on July 9, 2008 the launch of the first interactive Big Brother game called "Big Brother Live TV Challenge". The game will allow fans to compete against other fans in various live Internet and text messaging challenges tied to knowledge of past episodes and predictions of future events on the show and will begin on the premiere night. will continue to provide mobile wallpapers, breaking news text alerts and other features to subscribers. Starting July 31, Big Brother 10 moved from Wednesdays to Thursdays at 8 p.m (live ET/delayed PT).



Angie Swindell  (born July 2, 1979) is a recent divorcee. She became close to Brian and Steven in the house, but didn't support either of them in their evictions. This upset Keesha who nominated Angie along with Jessie in Week 3. Angie was evicted on Day 24 by a 8-0 vote. 


April Dowling (born March 24, 1978), from Higley, Arizona, is currently working as a financial manager at a car dealership. In September she will be a part of the Phoenix Scorch team of the Lingerie Football League. She graduated from Doane College in Crete, NE with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Fitness Management. She is a practicing Roman Catholic and is of Irish descent.

She and Keesha constantly bickered. April developed a romantic and sexual relationship with Ollie. She was the fourth HoH for the season and nominated Memphis and Jessie. She was nominated with Jerry by Renny in Week 6, and was evicted on Day 45 by a vote of 4-1. Ollie was the only houseguest who did not vote to evict April. She became the second jury member. 


Brian Hart (born August 21, 1980) works in the telecommunications industry but is also involved in several entrepreneurial ventures. He's from San Francisco, California. He served in the U.S. Air Force for six years as an F-16 crew chief and was honorably discharged and received an associate degree from the Community College of the Air Force. On Day 7, Brian was put on the block after Jessie used the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. He became the first HouseGuest evicted from the house on Day 9 with a 9-1 vote. Brian also hosted a food competition later in the season.

Brian was given the opportunity to join Big Brother 11 in the first head of household competition. His clique, the Brains, were the first group to be eliminated, so he did not return. 


Dan Gheesling (born September 1, 1983) is a Catholic high school teacher from Dearborn, MI. Dan teaches biology, physical education, and health at Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory School and is the assistant coach of the school's football team. He was good friends with Brian before he was evicted. He was nominated with Steven by Jessie in Week 2 and survived the eviction. He was voted America's Player (for Week Four only). He took the offer. His tasks were to get Jessie nominated, hug Jessie for ten seconds, and vote for Jessie in the eviction ceremony. He succeeded in all three. Dan has also been the victim of constant attacks from Jerry. with Jerry repeatedly referring to Dan as a Judas and accusing him of "hiding behind his cross". Jerry even stated at the veto meeting that he wanted Dan on the block because he believed he is a "Judas", to which Dan simply replied, "I understand." Jerry didn't use the veto that week. In Week 6 Dan won the PoV but chose not to use it. Dan also won HoH for week 7. After turning on a deal made with Ollie, Dan nominated Michelle as a replacement when Memphis saved himself. This was followed by Ollie thrashing items in the house and directing homophobic slurs toward Dan and Memphis. Dan also won the POV during the live double eviction episode, choosing not to use it. When Jerry subsequently became HoH, Dan was nominated alongside Keesha. In Week 9, Dan won head of Household, making him the 3rd person to win HoH twice. He also won the Luxury competition in the same week and could take another HouseGuest or a Jury member with him; Dan chose to take Michelle. Afterwards, Dan won the final Head of Household, becoming the first person in season 10 to win the position three times. He chose to take Memphis to the finale. At the finale, Dan won Big Brother 10. He's the first to win by a unanimous vote. 


Jerry MacDonald  (born March 13, 1933) worked for 38 years in a sales/marketing environment and retired as a general manager. He spent four years in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in 1954. He's been married for 54 years and takes care of his wife who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. He lives in Magnolia, Texas. At 75 years old, he is the oldest male HouseGuest in Big Brother history and the oldest HouseGuest in American Big Brother history. Jerry was voted Head of Household for Week 1. He nominated Jessie and Renny but when Jessie was taken off the block he put Brian up. He was involved in a conflict with Memphis, caused in part by Jerry calling him a womanizer. Jerry has also attacked Dan, notably referring to him as a "Judas", and in fact telling him that at a veto meeting. He has also accused Dan of "hiding behind his cross". He also said for Dan to "burn in hell." He was won the PoV two weeks in a row, Week 4 and Week 5 and both times he chose not to use it. In Week 6 he was nominated with April by Renny. In Week 7 he was nominated with Memphis by Dan. In that same week he won a phone call from home, and again was nominated with Ollie by Keesha. Then in week 8 he won HoH, being the second person this season to win HoH twice. He was evicted by Dan on day 66, becoming the seventh and final jury member. On Day 71, it was announced that Jerry had come second in the poll to find America's Favourite Juror behind Keesha. 


Jessie Godderz (born April 23, 1986) is a professional bodybuilder with the World Natural Body Building Federation from Huntington Beach, California. He graduated from high school in Iowa. His goal is to be an inspirational figure to people who want to lose weight, get fit or pursue a drug-free, bodybuilding life style. When he was 19, he worked as a Train Conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad. In Week 1, Jerry nominated he and Renny; then he won the Veto and took himself off the block. He was the HoH for Week 2 and nominated Steven and Dan. He was nominated with Angie by Keesha in Week 3 and survived the eviction. He was nominated yet again with Memphis by April, and was evicted by a 4-3 vote.

Jessie also made appearances on the MTV dating shows Next and Exposed; both appearances were not successful. On Day 60, he made an appearance in the house as part of a luxury competition, dressed as a gorilla.

Jessie was given the opportunity to join the Big Brother 11 houseguests at the first head of household competition. His clique, the athletes, won the competition, so Jessie became the 13th houseguest of Big Brother 11. He was then evicted on Day 40 by a vote of 3-2 and became first member of the jury.


Keesha Smith (born August 1, 1978) is a waitress at Hooters from Burbank, California. Keesha is a member of PETA and doesn't eat red meat. Early in the game, Keesha found herself aligned with Libra and April, despite both her and April verbally expressing their dislike of each other. The two women had a huge argument on Day 8. Keesha won her first HoH competition in Week 3 following the departure of Steven, with whom she had grown very close. She nominated those who she felt responsible for his eviction - Angie and Jessie. Keesha then won the Power of Veto but did not use it. In Week 4, Keesha aligned herself with Dan, Memphis and Renny, as well as her previous ally Libra, and was pivotal in the move to evict Jessie instead of Memphis. However, this resulted in her being nominated along with Libra by Michelle in Week 5, though Libra was evicted in a 6-0 vote. Keesha won her second HoH in Week 7 nominating Jerry and Ollie, making her the first houseguest of season 10 to hold the role twice. The next week, Keesha was nominated by Jerry, but was saved 2-0 against her best friend in the house Renny. The following week, Memphis won the PoV making Keesha the only remaining potential nominee. Despite the pair being close throughout the game, Memphis chose to evict Keesha over Jerry on Day 64 claiming that it would be easier for him to get to the finals with Jerry in the final 3. Keesha became the 6th member of the jury of seven. On Finale Night, it was revealed that the public had voted for Keesha to win $25,000 having received the most votes in a poll to find America's Favourite Juror. Keesha voted for Dan to win Big Brother 10 over Memphis. 


Libra Thompson (born August 6, 1976) is a human resources representative. She describes herself as an "Obama supporter living in Bush country." She attended Rice University and has a bachelor's degree in political science and economics. She has been married for seven years and has three children: a 4-year old girl and 4-month old twins; one twin is dark-skinned and the other is light-skinned, a medical rarity. In the house, Libra became known for her volatile temper, and her strong strategic play which saw her pivotal in the evictions of the first four houseguests. This gameplay however came back to haunt her when she was nominated with Keesha by Michelle in Week 5, and was then evicted by a 6-0 vote on day 38. Libra became the first member of the jury, and voted for Dan to win Big Brother 10. 


Robert "Memphis" Garrett (born December 6, 1982) is a bartender (or, as he preferred, "mixologist") from Los Angeles, California. Memphis attended Florida State University and earned an associate's degree in event management. In the first food competition Memphis won a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro as a bonus. Memphis was nominated Week 4 and narrowly escaped the eviction, by Keesha getting half the house to turn on Jessie. Memphis was once again nominated on Week 7 along with Jerry by his fellow ally, Dan. In Week 7 Memphis won The Power Of Veto and used it to take himself off the block. He won POV on week 8 and chose to take off Dan. He's the second person this season to win POV on back to back weeks. He also won POV on week 9, having the only vote, he chose to evict his good friend in the house, Keesha. At the finale, in a 7-0 vote Memphis became the Runner-Up of Big Brother 10 and won the $50,000. After leaving the house, Memphis was told that Big Brother couldn't give him the car because they didn't own it and someone else held the title so the car was returned almost immediately to the owner so Memphis received an undisclosed amount of money instead. 


Michelle Costa (born December 29, 1979) is a realtor from Cumberland, Rhode Island. She is of Portuguese descent. She graduated from Cumberland High School and studied real estate with RE/MAX. She held the PoV in Week 2 and didn't use it. She won the HoH competition for Week 5 and nominated Keesha and Libra. In week 7 she replaced Memphis on the block after he used the Power of Veto on himself. On Day 52, Michelle was evicted by a 3-1 vote and became the third member of the jury. In Week 9, Michelle was given the opportunity to go on a private beach vacation for a day with Dan, who had won the trip and chose to take her. 


Bryan Ollie (born October 22, 1980) is a marketing sales representative from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ollie is the son of a Pentecostal preacher. He attended Iowa State University where he was a cornerback for the football team and earned a bachelor's degree in art. Ollie also developed a romantic and sexual relationship with fellow house guest April. After being on the losing end of a deal with Dan, Ollie trashed some parts of the house and used homophobic slurs as well as threats of physical violence against the HouseGuests, specifically Dan and Memphis, even telling Memphis, "Suck my dick, you little faggot!" The outburst received negative media attention by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. On Day 52, Ollie was evicted by a unanimous vote of 3-0 after Michelle in a special live double eviction episode, becoming the fourth jury member. 


Lorenza "Renny" Martyn, (born July 29, 1954) is a hairdresser from New Orleans, Louisiana. She studied at the University of New Orleans as well as the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, the Jingles International Hair Academy in New York City and the John Paul Mitchell Systems Institute in Costa Mesa, California. She made a bad first impression on her fellow HouseGuests who found her annoying, and she was nominated by Jerry, but ultimately survived the eviction and her popularity with most the others grew. She was the HoH for Week 6 and nominated April and Jerry. She was nominated for a second time on week 8 and subsequently evicted by a vote of 2-0 on day 59, becoming the fifth jury member. She formed close bonds with Dan and particularly Keesha, who became her closest ally in the game. However, they were nominated alongside each other when Jerry became HoH in Week 8, and Renny was evicted as a result. 


Steven Daigle (born May 24, 1973) is a geographic consultant and rodeo competitor. He has attended the Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas as well as the University of North Texas in Denton. He earned a bachelor's degree in general agriculture/marketing. Steven is openly gay. Steven is a champion bull rider in the gay rodeo circuit. In the house, Steven became close to Angie, Keesha, Dan and Brian. Steven was evicted on Day 16 by a 9-0 vote. Steven recently agreed to star in Steven Daigle XXXposed, a gay porn film directed by Chi Chi LaRue under the director's Channel 1 Releasing studio. It was released on February 20, 2010.

Weekly summary

Week 1 Events
  • On Day 1, Jerry became the first Head of Household after four of his fellow HouseGuests voted him for the position based on first impressions prior to entering the House. Renny accumulated the second highest amount of votes with three HouseGuests voting for her.
  • On Day 2, Jessie and Renny were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 7, Jessie used the Power of Veto to save himself from eviction; Jerry replaced him with Brian.
  • Food: "Buggin Out"; On Day 1, the HouseGuests competed in the first competition. Jessie, Renny, Michelle, Angie, Dan, Steven, and Memphis won food for the week. Memphis also won a mint condition 1969 Chevrolet Camaro as a bonus prize.
  • PoV: "Sweet Dreams, Honey"; Players go outside to find a giant bed covered in different colored pillows, and a pool of honey. Players must tear open the pillows that match the color of their sleeping wear to find teddy bears. Then, must dive through the honey and deposit their teddy bears in jars. The first player to find all five bears and put them in their jars won the Power of Veto. With a close race between Jessie and Michelle, Jessie won the first Power of Veto.
  • Angie, April, Brian, Dan, Jerry, Jessie, Keesha, Libra, Memphis, Michelle, Ollie, Renny, and Steven entered the House on Day 1.
  • On Day 9, Brian was evicted in a vote of 9-1. Dan was the only person who voted to keep Brian in the house.
Week 2 Events
  • On Day 9, Jessie became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 10, Dan and Steven were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 11, Michelle won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it on Day 13.
  • On Day 15, the HouseGuests appeared via satellite on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, on which Julie Chen was the guest.
  • HoH: "Majority Rules"; The questions were about which of two HouseGuests would be most likely to adhere to certain situations. The object was not to base the answer on personal opinions, but how they thought the majority would answer. The minority of voters were eliminated each round. If there was a tie, no one would be eliminated. Libra, Steven, Jessie, and Ollie expired all eight questions. In the tiebreaker, Jessie came closest to the correct number without going over.
  • Food: "Stop Your Wining!"; HouseGuests go outside to find two elevated barrels and empty wine bottles for each team. Teams must fill the bottles up with wine that dripped from holes in the bottom of the barrels. Two players from the other team were in the barrels trying to plug the holes with corks provided by another player. After 5 minutes, team Chard-o-nay nay, consisting of Angie, Dan, Jessie, Michelle, Ollie and Steven, won food for the week, while the Pinot-wah-wah's, consisting of Jerry, Renny, Keesha, Libra, Memphis, and April, were put on slop.
  • PoV: "License to Veto"; players were shown common Big Brother phrases displayed on vanity license plates. When a player buzzed in, they had to declare the names of states that made up the phrase in order to earn points. After a bout between Keesha and Michelle, Michelle won the Veto after Keesha incorrectly identified the states on the final plate.
  • On Day 16, Steven was evicted by a unanimous 9-0 vote.
Week 3 Events
  • On Day 16, Keesha became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 17, Angie and Jessie were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 18, Keesha won the Power of Veto. She chose not to use it on Day 20.
  • On Day 19, a banner flew over the Big Brother house, putting the house into a lockdown. Michelle, Angie, Memphis and Jessie were able to see the banner, but none of them could see what it said. Jessie decided to tell the rest of the HouseGuests that the banner said, "Libra is a liar. Love, Steven." To this day, the contents of the banner are unknown to the HouseGuests and the viewers, but Julie Chen did let the audience know that the banner had nothing to do with the program, without specifying its message. The banner stirred up arguments between the HouseGuests, which culminated with Jerry making a non-sequitur regarding Memphis being a "womanizer", which visibly enraged Memphis.
  • On Day 22, the House was hit by a magnitude 5.4 earthquake. No damage was done and the HouseGuests were safe. Many HouseGuests remained convinced the earthquake was staged by Big Brother.
  • On Day 22, public voting opened for which HouseGuest America would like to see become the next America's Player. If the HouseGuest with the most public votes accepted the task and became America's Player, the viewing public would control this HouseGuest's moves during Week 4.
  • On Day 23, the HouseGuests appeared again via satellite on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, on which Julie Chen was the guest.
  • HoH: "Alien Abduction"; For the past few days, holographic aliens appeared in the mirrors. Then various items were "stolen" from the house by the aliens. The questions regarded the items that had been taken. The players had to guess which room the object was from, the kitchen, spa room, living room, bathroom, or if the item was not stolen or was never in the house in the first place, "not missing". The houseguests would face off two at a time. The first to buzz in would answer. If they were right, they won the match and the opponent was out. But if they were wrong, they were out and the opponent won. The winner of each match had to pick the next two to face off. When Libra and Keesha were in the last match, Libra rang in and got it wrong, leaving Keesha as the winner.
  • Food: "BB Valley High Sock Hop"; The HouseGuests go outside to find two giant records on platforms split by a wall. The men and women are split up. On each platform is a laundry basket full of different kinds of socks. Each side must match the socks by voice and then hang them on the same numbered record hanging on the wall. If the socks match, they win the food item for the week. After the allotted time, the HouseGuests win: avocados, apples/bananas, beef, beer, chicken, cookies/brownies, deli meats, juices, pig's feet, raisins and squash/broccoli for the week.
  • PoV: "The Garden of Veto"; players must "plant" themselves in a life size flower box. Then must remain covered in dirt and have a steady stream of water hit their forehead. The goal is to stay in the box for exactly an hour or less, anyone staying longer is disqualified. The player who got closest to the one-hour mark without going over won the Power of Veto. With a time of 21 minutes, Keesha was the only one not to go over an hour and won the Power of Veto.
  • On Day 24, Angie was evicted by an 8-0 vote.
Week 4 Events
  • On Day 24, Dan accepted the offer to become America's Player for the chance at $20,000. The public will control Dan's actions during Week 4.
  • On Day 24, April became the new Head of Household.
  • There was no food competition this week because of the endurance HoH competition.
  • On Day 25, April nominated Jessie and Memphis for eviction.
  • On Day 25, the HouseGuests celebrated Keesha's 30th birthday. After picking players for the Power of Veto competition, April's comments about Libra's gameplay (or perceived lack thereof) hurt Libra's feelings, which led to Keesha and Libra discussing April's comments downstairs. Jessie overhears all of the comments and tells April everything. This leads to a series of confrontations between various members of the house, culminating in the house coming together to sing "the most forlorn version of 'Happy Birthday' ever."
  • On Day 26, Jerry won the Power of Veto during a midnight competition.
  • On Day 28, Jerry chose not to use the Power of Veto.
  • HoH: "Livin' on the Edge"; The contestants had to stand on a narrow ledge on a simulated building that shakes. April won after 2 hours 48 minutes.
  • PoV: "Slap Shot"; contestants took part in a hockey goal shooting competition. At the end of each round, the least accurate shooter was eliminated and received a consolation prize. The last player standing got their pick of the prizes. Libra won a trip to Hawaii, Jerry won the Power of Veto, Jessie won letters from home, Memphis won a slop pass and the right to put another player on slop and he chose Jerry, April won $10,000, and Michelle won the infamous red unitard.
  • On Day 31, Jessie was evicted by a 4-3 vote.
Week 5 Events
  • On Day 31, Dan completed his week as America's Player.
  • On Day 31, Michelle became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 31, a verbal war among most HouseGuests erupted in the house and lasted for hours. It started with a misunderstanding between Michelle and Renny, and deteriorated from there when Michelle told Libra and Keesha "not to hide" from her. Libra then let it be known that she found it humorous that April is now "best friends" with Michelle, which in turn leads to a screaming match between April and Libra, with April calling Libra a "bitch" and stated that Libra "swore on her children" not to evict Jessie, which Libra strongly denied. Also during the fight, Jerry yelled at Libra that she was going "out the door", and that she was a "dummy." This set Libra off, as she graduated cum laude from Rice University. The fight ended with Roman Catholic April commenting that Dan is a "disgrace to her religion"; Michelle and Jerry agreed and suggested that he would "burn in hell" for evicting Jessie, which Memphis and Libra thought was too excessive. Dan hid from the conflict the entire time in another room.
  • On Day 32, Keesha and Libra were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 33, Jerry won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it on Day 35.
  • HoH: "Rude Awakening"; The night before the eviction, loud and annoying wake-up calls sent in by viewers were played on the intercom while the houseguests were trying to sleep. The contestants were asked a series of true-or-false questions about the wake-up calls. One was eliminated if they answered incorrectly, unless everyone got a question wrong. Michelle was the last standing and won HoH.
  • Food: "In the News"; HouseGuests faced off against nine of the most memorable HouseGuests from past seasons, which were Chicken George from Season 1 & 7, Mike Boogie from Season 2 & 7, Bunky from Season 2, Amy from Season 3, Jun from Season 4, Jase from Season 5 & 7, Janelle from Season 6 & 7, Jen from Season 8, and Matt from Season 9. This competition was hosted by Brian, the first evictee of this season. Each HouseGuest was given a piece of news and had to figure out whether it was real or fake. The ex-HouseGuests had to try and convince the HouseGuests that the news was either real or fake. If the HouseGuests got the answer wrong than the ex-houseguest that they faced off against would win $1,000. If they got the answer right than the houseguest would win food for a particular day of the week or a special prize. Keesha and Renny won food for Tuesday and Sunday. Michelle won a feast for the HouseGuests.
  • PoV: "Cry Me a Veto"; contestants had to cut or dice onions and put them through a slot in a box. The winner was the contestant with the heaviest box in the end. Contestants could choose to put their diced onions in a second box that would go towards a mystery prize rather than the veto. In the end, Jerry had the heaviest box at 36.3 pounds. April and Memphis won the mystery prizes after having the heaviest mystery prize boxes. April won five designer outfits picked out by a professional stylist, while Memphis won the privilege of wearing an onion necklace for 24 hours.
  • On Day 38 Libra was evicted by a 6-0 vote. Libra becomes the first member of the Jury who will decide the winner of the grand prize.
Week 6 Events
  • On Day 38, Renny became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 39, Ollie and Jerry were placed on slop (Memphis used a slop pass he had won earlier) and America had a choice to give them one other food. America chose to give them giant lollipops.
  • On Day 39, Renny nominated April and Jerry for eviction.
  • On Day 39, Dan won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it Day 42.
  • On Day 40, the dining room table was replaced with a smaller 8-seat table.
  • HoH: "Diary Room Confessionals"; The HouseGuests listened to comments made by the first four evictees (Brian, Steven, Angie, and Jessie) in the diary room. The first one to buzz in had to say which one they thought said the quote. If one was correct, they eliminated someone else from the competition. But if one was wrong, they were eliminated. When Keesha and Renny were the last two standing Renny got the last question correct.
  • Food: "Big Brother Rock, Paper, Scissors"; In this version, slop "drowned" pig ears, pig ears "silenced" crickets, and crickets "hopped" slop. The teams took on each other one-on-one and filled out on a board with their food pick. The person who won the rock, paper, scissors part with their choice then had to eat what they wrote down. If they were successful, their team got a point. The first team to earn four points had food for the week, while the losing team got stuck on slop and lollipops. Lollipops were a part of America's Choice.
  • PoV: "Haunted Yard" The HouseGuests examine the haunted items in the yard for 5 minutes. They are then asked to estimate the amount of the examined items on a bigger scale. First houseguest to get three points will win the PoV. HouseGuests can choose to fold or save, if they fold, they cannot get a point, however they stay in the game. If the HouseGuests save and have the number furthest away from the correct answer they are eliminated. The HouseGuest with an answer closest to the correct answer will receive a point. Dan and Jerry both had two points but Dan was the closest to the last question and won the Power of Veto.
  • On Day 45, April was evicted by a vote of 4-1 becoming the second member of the Jury, joining Libra.
Week 7 Events
  • On Day 45, Dan became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 46, Jerry and Memphis were nominated for eviction.
  • On Day 47, Memphis won the Power of Veto. He chose to use it on himself on Day 49; Dan replaced him with Michelle.
  • On Day 49, Ollie, who had been lied to by Dan, expressed his anger by breaking various objects around the house and telling Memphis to "suck my dick, you little faggot!" The outburst received negative media attention from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Despite the minor house damage and outbursts, Ollie was counseled by Big Brother and not ejected from the game.
  • On Day 52, Keesha became the new Head of Household, as part of the Fast Forward Eviction.
  • On Day 52, Jerry and Ollie were nominated for eviction as part of the Fast Forward Eviction.
  • On Day 52, Dan won the Power of Veto and opted not to use it on either Jerry or Ollie.
  • HoH: "King of the Jungle"; The HouseGuests were suspended on rope swings above the backyard. The last person sitting on their swing became the new HoH. To make it more interesting, the HouseGuests had "rain" pouring on them, and every now and then, the rope swings would move back and forth. Dan won after Ollie dropped at the three hour and forty-eight minute mark.
  • PoV: "One Giant Leap"; The HouseGuests wore Astronaut suits and were suspended from a cable in the backyard. HouseGuests had to go from one side of the yard to the other and collect puzzle pieces one at a time to complete the puzzle. The game was played in three heats. Keesha won heat one, Memphis won heat two, and Memphis won the third and final heat for the Power of Veto.
  • HoH: "Big Brother Headlines"; HouseGuests had to choose which HouseGuest was chosen by online voters to be most likely to be the subject of an imaginary news headline. The HouseGuest with the most correct answers would be the new Head of Household. Keesha won after beating Jerry in a double tiebreaker.
  • PoV: "Veto in a Haystack"; The HouseGuests had to run to the other side of the yard and search through a large haystack for two veto medallions, bringing them back to their post one at a time. The HouseGuest that found two veto medallions fastest won Power of Veto. The competition was won by Dan.
  • On Day 52, Michelle was evicted by a 3-1 vote, becoming the third member of the jury along with Libra and April. In a special live "Double Eviction", Ollie was evicted by a 3-0 vote, joining Libra, April, and Michelle as the fourth member of the Jury of Seven.
Week 8 Events
  • On Day 52, Jerry became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 53, Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha for eviction.
  • On Day 54, Memphis won the Power of Veto and opted to use it Day 56 on Dan. Jerry replaced him with Renny, the only available option for a replacement nominee.
  • HoH: "Days Go By"; The HouseGuests were taken outside, where four large skee-ball machines awaited them. There were 52 spaces at the end of the alley, representing the number of days they were in the house. They would be asked a question about what day a certain event happened. They would roll the skee-ball to the day they thought that event occurred. The day would be revealed, and for every day off they were from the actual day, they would receive one penalty point. The player with the least penalty points would win HoH. While Dan lead in the scores through most of the game, Jerry came back to beat Dan by four points and became the new Head of Household.
  • PoV: "Rock a Bye Veto"; The HouseGuests were secluded from each other, and one by one, they would enter the backyard, which was transformed into a nursery. There were six pictures of "babies" that were created by fusing the faces of two HouseGuests. They then would have to figure out which two HouseGuests formed the picture. The player who did this the fastest would win the Veto. The veto was won by Memphis.
  • On Day 59, Renny was evicted by a 2-0 vote from the house, becoming the fifth member of the Jury of Seven, along with Libra, April, Michelle, and Ollie.
Week 9 Events
  • On Day 59, Dan became the new Head of Household.
  • On Day 60, Memphis won the Power of Veto. He chose to use it on himself on Day 64, automatically nominating Keesha as the only possible replacement.
  • On Day 64, Dan won Part 1 of the final HoH competition. He advanced to Part 3.
  • On Day 65, Memphis won Part 2 of the final HoH competition. He advanced to Part 3 with Dan.
  • On Day 66, Dan became the final Head of Household, winning the power to evict either Memphis or Jerry.
  • HoH: "Freeze Frame"; The HouseGuests were shown images from previous competitions played in the season. They were then given statements based on the images shown earlier. They would then decide whether the statement was true or false. The HouseGuest with the most correct answers after 7 questions would be the new Head of Household. Dan had the most correct answers and became the new Head of Household.
  • PoV: "Stairway to Veto"; The HouseGuests were each given a staircase with clues pertaining to a particular evicted HouseGuest written on each step. They would then decide which HouseGuest the clues described, and if correct, would move onto the next step and continue. The first HouseGuest to reach the top of the staircase and hit their button, won Power of Veto. The competition was won by Memphis.
  • HoH Pt 1: "On a Wing and a Prayer"; HouseGuests balanced themselves on the wings of small biplanes. Each HouseGuest's biplane tilted and was moved up into the air and back down several times. The HouseGuest who kept their balance the longest won Part 1 of the final HoH competition. Jerry was the first to be eliminated, followed by Memphis, leaving Dan as the winner of Part 1.
  • HoH Pt 2: "Memphis Vs. Jerry"; Memphis and Jerry competed in the second part of the final HoH competition. One at a time, each HouseGuest would go through ten rounds; in each round, they would knock down cut-outs of all the HouseGuests. In each round, they would knock over most of the cut outs, and would leave only the HoH and the final nominees from the week corresponding to the round number standing. The HouseGuest to finish in the fastest time was the winner. Memphis won Part 2, completing the competition nearly 45 minutes faster than Jerry.
  • HoH Pt. 3: "Jury Statements"; Dan and Memphis were asked to finish a statement from each of the six jury members by answering with A or B. Dan was the winner of the final HoH competition.
  • On Day 64, Keesha was evicted, joining Libra, April, Michelle, Ollie, and Renny as the penultimate member of the jury.
  • On Day 66, Jerry was evicted, becoming the seventh and final member of the jury.
Week 10
  • On Day 67, Memphis and Dan attended a three-hour session in which the jury members, connected via satellite from the jury house, asked the pair questions about the game and why the jury members should give either of them their respective votes.
  • On Day 71, The jury voted to give either Dan or Memphis the show's $500,000 prize money.
  • On Day 71, Keesha won the $25,000 jury prize.
  • On Day 71, Dan was named the winner of Big Brother 10 with a 7-0 Jury vote. Memphis left the house as runner-up.





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