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Big Brother 14


Big Brother 14 is the upcoming 14th season of the American reality television series Big Brother that will premiere on July 12, 2012 on CBS.[1] The show is produced by Endemol USA and Fly On The Wall Entertainment. The 14th season was confirmed on the same day as the finale of Big Brother 13 in a press release issued from CBS. The houseguests moved in on July 7.




On the first night, twelve new HouseGuests entered the Big Brother House to two new twists of the season. The first twist was that four successful ex-HouseGuests would re-enter the House not to compete against one another, but to coach the new HouseGuests. Their job is to guide the HouseGuests for as long as they can, hoping to keep coaching a possible winner. The winner's coach would win a special $100,000 prize at the end of the season. 


Soon after the announcement, Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 10, Britney Haynes from Big Brother 12, Mike "Boogie" Malin from Big Brother 2 and Big Brother: All Stars, and Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother 6 and Big Brother: All Stars entered the House. On the second twist of the night, HouseGuests were informed that their status in the game were at risk. Because Big Brother sent the HouseGuests "invitations" to enter the House instead of a key, the HouseGuests had to earn their status in the first Head of Household competition as there were only eleven keys to be earned. Therefore, for the first time in Big Brother history, one HouseGuest would be evicted by the end of the first night.


Before the HouseGuests competed in their first Head of Household competition, the coaches assigned their teammates. The coaches chose one by one and in order, Britney chose: Shane, Willie and JoJo, Mike chose: Frank, Ian and Jenn, Janelle chose: Wil, Ashley and Joe, and Dan chose: Danielle, Kara and Jodi. The HouseGuests competed in the first Head of Household competition in which the mentors did not compete. Each teammate had to retrieve life-sized teddy bears back and forth jumping on mattresses. 


After twenty minutes, teams were allowed to substitute one teammate. Team Britney won the Head of Household competition, but mattered as to who came in last. Team Janelle and Team Mike soon followed, leaving Team Dan in last place. Danielle, Jodi and Kara risked the first eviction, while Dan the coach had the sole power to evict one of his teammates. On the end of Day 1, Dan cast the sole vote to evict Jodi.


Mike won the first coaches' competition of the season and won the power to grant one of this teammates immunity for the week: He chose Ian. The four coaches each had to choose one of their teammates to be a Have-Not for the week, with Ashley, Ian, Shane, and Danielle getting picked. Frank and Kara were nominated for eviction on Day 5. 


Shane won the Power of Veto competition, Loose Change, which involved HouseGuest running around and trying to find coin props (one dollar coin, quarter and five cent coins). Once they find them they had to throw the coin props from a distance to a machine. Once they threw a total of $1.30 in coin props, they would win the Power of Veto. Shane decided to leave Willie's nominations the same. On Day 13, Kara was evicted in a 5 to 3 vote, leaving Danielle as Dan's only team member left. It was also revealed the winner of the next Coach's Competition would have the option of either saving one of his or her players or trading them with another player.


Frank won the Head of Household competition, Big Brother Break-In. The houseguests had to determine whether a burglar that entered the house was guilty or not guilty of a certain crime. HouseGuests were eliminated by answering incorrectly. Janelle won the "coaches competition" for the week, and chose to give Ashley immunity from the nominations. On Day 14, Willie was expelled from the house, after going on a rampage in which he threw pork rinds at Janelle, swore at the female houseguests, and headbutted Joe four times. Minutes later, JoJo and Shane were nominated for eviction.  On Day 15, Shane won the Power of Veto competition.  Shane removed himself from the block, and Frank then nominated Danielle for eviction.  In the live vote, JoJo was evicted by a 5 to 1 vote.

Shane won the following HoH competition. Julie Chen revealed that viewers could vote on whether or not the coaches should the enter the game as players eligible for the $500,000 grand prize.  The houseguests shot balls into a slotted end of an ice rink that had scores for each slot. Host Julie Chen then revealed to the viewers they could vote on whether or not the mentors should be allowed to enter the game. On Day 21, Janelle won the Coaches Competition and chose to save Wil from eviction. Ian won $3,000 in the Coaches Competition. Later that day, Shane nominated Ashley and Joe for eviction. On Friday; Shane, Ashley, Joe, Wil, Danielle, and Frank had been chosen to compete in the Veto Competition. Later that day, all had competed in the Veto Competition, with Shane winning the Power of Veto for the third week in a row.  On Day 24, Shane used the Power of Veto on Ashley, nominating Frank in her place.

Before the live eviction took place, Julie Chen announced that America has chosen to give the coaches the opportunity to play the game and stop coaching. If the coaches voted to become players, the eviction would be canceled and everyone would play in the HoH, including Shane. However, if the coaches chose to keep the game the same, the eviction would continue, but one evicted HouseGuest would return next week. One by one, the coaches were called into the Diary Room to hit the "Reset Button". Britney, Dan and Janelle chose to hit the button, while Mike Boogie wanted to remain a coach. With the coaches now players, Joe and Frank were spared. All twelve HouseGuests then began to participate in the "Walk the Plank" HoH endurance competition. After a three hour battle, Danielle became the new HoH, outlasting Britney and Ian.  On Day 28, Danielle nominated Frank and Wil for eviction.  On Day 28, Danielle nominated Frank and Wil for eviction. Danielle won the Power of Veto on Day 29.

On Day 30, Britney, Dan, Danielle, Frank, Mike Boogie and Shane created the "Silent Six" alliance and conspired to backdoor Janelle. On Day 31, Danielle went through with the plan and used the Power of Veto on Wil and put up Janelle.  On Day 34, Janelle was evicted in an 8 to 1 vote.  Later on Day 34, All HouseGuests competed in the HoH competition, in which Frank became the new Head of Household.  On Day 35 All HouseGuests competed in the Have/Have Not competition. Britney, Daniellie, Joe and Shane became the Have Nots. Later on Day 35 Frank nominated Joe and Wil for eviction.  On Day 36, Zingbot 3000 entered the house. Later that night, the HouseGuests competed in the PoV competition in which Frank won.  Frank then decided to keep his nominations the same. On Day 41, Wil was evicted in a 6 to 2 vote.

The HouseGuests competed in an endurance HOH contest "Swamped" in which they must use a cup and fill a container to reach a cork. America choose $10,000 prize over a Have-Pass for season from a twitter vote during the live show. There also was a safety jar which would grant the winner immunity from possible nomination or eviction for the week. All HouseGuests, except the outgoing HoH, competed in the Head of Household Competition. Britney, having filled up her ball the fastest won complete safety from this weeks first eviction. Mike Boogie won $10K and Shane became the new Head of Household.

On Day 42, Shane went against his Silent Six alliance by nominating Frank and Mike Boogie for eviction. Frank defied the odds and won the veto.  Frank then used the Veto to save himself from nominations and Shane chose to nominate Jenn as the replacement. 

Controversy  - On Day 42, shortly after Shane won his second HOH competition of the summer, he told Danielle that production explicitly told him not to put up Frank and Mike for nomination that week. However, both were nominated and were thus eligible for the veto competition. On Day 43, Frank drew a "houseguest's choice" token during the player draw and when asked to draw again, as later confided to Boogie, he palmed the token. Many fans believe that this was a result of the production team's desire to keep Frank in the game. This led to an outrage within message boards, fans and viewers, causing many to doubt the authenticity of the show once more. The scandal also ran throughout the Big Brother House and caused tension between opposing houseguests. Houseguests were not allowed to discuss the situation, but when they did (on multiple occasions) the Live Feeds were shut down. Allison Grodner has not commented on the scandal as of yet. A video of Frank talking to Boogie about the cheating was put on Youtube, but later removed by CBS for copyright purposes.

On Day 48, it was revealed to the houseguests that it was a Double Eviction night. For the first of the two evictions, Mike Boogie was evicted by a vote of 5-2. During the double eviction, Ian won the "Before or After" HoH and immediately nominated Ashley and Frank for eviction. Frank then won his third straight Power of Veto of the season in "Somewhere Over The Veto" and took himself off the block. Ian named Joe as the replacement nominee. At the end of the second eviction, Ashley was evicted by a vote of 5-1 and became the first member of the jury.

Later that night the houseguests were each given five minutes to practice on a big board with holes and a ball and strings.  Frank won the competition and became the new HoH and, in doing so, got to choose one houseguest to be a have not for the week. Frank chose Dan. On Day 49, Frank opened Pandora's Box and received $3,000 and unleashed quarters to play the crane game, containing a Golden Ball of Veto. Ian got the ball and won the veto, but in doing so he sacrificed his chances to play in the week's POV competition. Later that day, Frank chose to nominate Dan and Danielle for eviction.  On Day 50, Jenn won her first Power of Veto after Frank was disqualified from the competition. On Day 51, after a miraculous turn of events, Dan managed to strike a final two deal with Frank, his nemesis in the house. The two then went to Jenn in hopes of her using the veto to remove Dan from the block. On Day 52, Jenn went through with the plan and Britney was put up as the replacement nominee.

On Day 55, Britney was evicted by a vote of 4-1, only receiving the vote of Ian and became the second member of the jury.  Following the eviction on Day 55, the houseguests competed in an endurance HoH competition called "Soak Up the Sun". In the competition, players had to hold onto a rope as it moved around a sun on the ground. With 51% of the public Twitter poll cast during the live show, America voted the first HouseGuest to drop out to have a punishment over a reward. Joe, then Jenn already got eliminated in the competition during the final minutes of the live broadcast. Joe, for being the first to drop, was given a hula hoop and was required to use it every time Big Brother sounded an alarm. Ian outlasted all the houseguests and won HoH less than two hours later. On Day 56, Pandora's Box was presented again and Ian opted to open it, releasing small presents (along with a new hammock for the backyard). Ian also received $1,000 in prize money. Big Brother 10 and 11's Jessie Godderz was also released into the house, replacing all of their junk food and snacks with healthy, organic food for the week. On Day 56, Ian nominated Frank and Jenn for eviction. On Day 57, Dan won the Power of Veto competition. 


On Day 59, Dan decided to return the favor to Jenn (who vetoed him last week) and used the Veto on her. Ian nominated Joe in her place. On Day 62, it was revealed to the houseguests that it was another double eviction night. For the first of two evictions, Frank was evicted by a vote of 3-1 and became the third member of the jury. Immediately afterwards, Dan won the "Make Your Case" Head of Household competition. A few minutes later, Dan nominated both Ian and Joe for eviction. Ian then won the "Swimming with Sharks" Power of Veto competition and removed himself from the block. Dan named Danielle as the replacement nominee. At the end of the second double eviction, Joe was evicted by a vote of 3-0 and became the fourth member of the jury.


Later that night, Ian became the new Head of Household, making this his third HoH win and tying him with Frank for the most HoH wins so far this season. On Day 63, Ian opened Pandora's Box thereby giving the other houseguests video messages from home while he talked to Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 and 13. Later that day, Ian nominated Jenn and Shane for eviction.  Later that day, Ian nominated Jenn and Shane for eviction. On Day 64, Shane won the Power of Veto.  On Day 65, Shane and Danielle went on a luxury prize to the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastic Champions. On Day 66, Shane decided to use the Power of Veto to save himself from the block, and in return, Ian nominated Danielle as the replacement. On Day 67, Jenn was evicted by a vote of 2-0 and became the fifth member of the jury.  


On Day 67, Danielle won her second HoH competition of the season "Photographic Memory", and went on to nominate Dan and Ian for eviction. On Day 68, Danielle won the "Atomic Veto" competition, making it her second and final Veto of the season. After the veto competition, Dan asked Danielle to use the Veto on himself, to which Danielle would only agree if Dan would evict Ian and not Shane. On Day 69, Danielle used the Power of Veto on Dan, and was replaced by Shane. A few minutes later, Dan blindsided Danielle and chose to evict Shane, and he became the sixth member of the jury.


Later on Day 69, Dan won the first part of the final Head of Household competition "Hook, Line, and Sinker" (similar to the "King of The Jungle" endurance HOH from season 10 in which Dan also won). On Day 71, Ian won the second part of the final Head of Household competition. On Day 75, Ian won the third and final part of the Head of Household competition. Ian then evicted Danielle and chose Dan to take to the final two.  The jury then voted. Ian won the grand prize by a vote of 6 to 1 over Dan.




Big Brother 14 is produced by Endemol USA and Fly on the Wall Entertainment with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan returns as executive producers. This season of the program was announced on the same day as the finale of Big Brother 13 in a press release issued from CBS. Casting for Big Brother 14 began during the finale of Big Brother 13. This is the first season to use an online application process and to have a dedicated casting website like Big Brother in the United Kingdom. Applicants are required to make a three-minute video then use a form to submit it to the producers with a current picture. Applications and video submissions were due on May 11, 2012. Applicants chosen to be a finalist will go to Los Angeles, CA from which applicants will be narrowed down to a pool of 40 finalists. Open casting calls were held by the producers where they visited New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York City, Charleston, SC, Odessa, TX, Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, Cincinnati, OH, Boise, ID, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Denver, CO, Louisville, KY, Boston, MA, Champaign, IL and Phoenix, AZ On June 4, 2012, Robyn Kass, casting director for Big Brother, revealed on her Twitter that all semi-finalists were contacted.


The first television advertisements hinting this season's twist first aired June 17, 2012 on CBS. This season

is being slated to promote a "super sized" season, indicating the most HouseGuests entering to date and four huge surprises to be revealed on the premiere, or presumably sooner.


By July 2, 2012, several media outlets such as and Yahoo! TV officially released house photos. The season's main House theme is the 80's and "Tokyo Pop". The overall layout of the house remained the

same as to recent previous seasons, in addition to various refurbishments to the appliances and a new paint

job in the backyard. It is unknown whether Pandora's Box will return however the room where the Pandora's Box is every season is in this season's house.

Broadcasts and platforms

The main television coverage of Big Brother will be screened in three weekly highlight programs that will transmit on Sundays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT), Wednesdays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT), and Thursdays at 9 p.m (live ET/delayed PT) on CBS in the United States and Global Television Network in Canada. The episodes summarize the events of the previous two to three days in the House. Along side these shows is a spin-off show, Big Brother: After Dark, which screens three hours live directly from the House was shown on Showtime 2 and Global Reality Channel in the United States and Canada respectively.

Big Brother will maintain an online platform with live subscription feeds from RealNetworks, a redesigned and relaunched website, online videos, full episodes, a fantasy game, a mobile game based on Big Brother and two Twitter accounts; one featured updates from the production staff and one featured updates from the current Head of Household. The website will contain more videos, photos, content which will include summaries of events in the House, descriptions of weekly challenges and a voting history page. Episodes of Big Brother will continue to be streamed on CBS Mobile Channel on FLOTV. 

Name Age Occupation Hometown
Ashley Iocco 26 Entrepreneur West Hollywood, California
Danielle Murphree 23 Nurse Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Frank Eudy 28 Unemployed Naples, Florida
Ian Terry 21 Engineering Student New Orleans, Louisiana Winner
Jenn Arroyo 37 Musician Brooklyn, New York
Jodi Rollins 42 Restaurant Waitress Calipatria, California
Joe Arvin 41 Chef Schererville, Indiana
JoJo Spatafora 26 Bartender Staten Island, New York
Kara Monaco 29 Model Los Angeles, California
Shane Meaney 26 House Flipper Bennington, Vermont
Wil Heuser 24 Marketing Consultant Louisville, Kentucky
Willie Hantz 34 Tankerman Dayton, Texas Expelled

* Contestant's age at the start of the season.



Fan groups on Yahoo for each contestant are available by clicking the links below:


Ashley Iocco, Danielle Murphree, Frank Eudy, Ian Terry, Jenn Arroyo, Jodi Rollins, Joe Arvin,

JoJo Spatafora, Kara Monaco, Shane Meaney, Wil Heuser, Willie Hantz, Janelle Pierzina, Britney Haynes



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