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Big Brother 3

The third season of Big Brother, the American reality TV show, aired 32 episodes during the summer of 2002, from July 10 to September 25. In this season, a new twist was added to the game, in that the HouseGuests could compete for a Power of Veto. At a weekly meeting, the winner could decide to veto a HouseGuest that the Head of Household had placed on the nomination block. In this season, it was not possible for a nominee to use the veto on themselves until the "Golden Power of Veto" was introduced. This was the first and only season to have every evicted HouseGuest on the jury. In Season 2, Justin was not allowed to vote for a winner, due to his expulsion from the game.

Along with Big Brother 4, it has been released on DVD. However, Big Brother 3 is the only one to be released as a complete season set.

Memorable Events

* A twist added was called Expect the Unexpected, in which, for the first time, a HouseGuest would be allowed back in the house by a group vote. The first four evictees were asked how much of the prize money they would be willing to give up in return for a chance to enter the house again. Each of the houseguests said half except Lori, who was only willing to give up $50,000 and was therefore eliminated from consideration. Next, the houseguests were asked how many of the remaining days they would be willing to eat only PB&J in order to earn a chance to return. Tonya said half, but Eric and Amy both said they would eat it for all the remaining days and were the last 2 left. Then, the HouseGuests still in the house voted on which of the two they wanted to return. In a surprise move, Lisa, who had developed a romance with Eric, chose not to bring him back into the house, voting for Amy instead. 

The plan was to have Amy immediately voted back out again upon her return in "Operation Revolving Door", but she won Head of Household that first week and the plan failed. * Marcellas committed what is still considered by fans the stupidest move in Big Brother's history. In season three, if you were a nominee and held the Power of Veto you could not use it on yourself. But if you won the last veto of the season (final five) you could. When Marcellas and Amy were nominated by Jason, Marcellas won the competition. Seeming to believe that he had an agreement with HouseGuest Danielle, Marcellas chose not to use the veto on himself, to spare Jason having to choose between Lisa and Danielle to replace him. However, Danielle did in fact vote to evict Marcellas, making it a 1-1 tie that was broken by HoH Jason who also voted to evict Marcellas, telling him he "should have used the veto". Until Season 8, when Dick didn't use the veto on himself saving his daughter and survived eviction, this was the only time that a nominated HouseGuest won the Veto and did not use it on themselves. Marcellas still felt betrayed by Danielle four years later when they both appeared on Big Brother: All Stars and he found it difficult to talk to or be around her, though they eventually made their peace in the house.

* Danielle and Jason maintained a "secret alliance" unknown to the other HouseGuests. They would speak in whispers and give signals to communicate. * The "Couples Alliance" featured Roddy/Chiara and Eric/Lisa. Lisa would later surprise the viewers when she voted not to bring her "showmance" Eric back into the house. Lisa and Eric usually shared a bed and he caused amusement when he talked in his sleep most nights.

* Marcellas and Amy developed a very close friendship during their time in house, but later had a dramatic and emotional falling out during Week 3 in the house when they were nominated against each other. * Every HouseGuest (except Danielle, Jason and Lori) were shown completely nude on's 24-hour live feed. This was the first and, as of Big Brother 8, last time the majority of the cast were shown naked online. The camera crews are now instructed to tilt their cameras away from a HouseGuest when they start to remove clothing.

* Lisa, Chiara and Tonya caused a stir when they displayed "Peanut Butter bikinis". * The final vote for Lisa to win is particularly memorable as this was the last season in which evicted houseguests were not sequestered and so could view all of the show's footage, both televised and online, along with the rest of the nation. As a result, Danielle's mocking and sometimes derogatory comments about her fellow houseguests in the Diary Room contributed to her ultimate loss.


Amy Crews is a 23-year-old real estate appraiser from Memphis, TN. She was originally evicted from the house on day 27 in a 7-0 vote. However, Amy returned to the house on day 41 when a special twist had the current contestants voting an evicted HouseGuest back into the game. On day 76, Amy was evicted from the house a second time in a 1-0 vote. Her best friend in the house was Marcellas. She didn't like Chiara and often referred to her as Chi-whore-a, though they appeared to have settled their differences by the final night. Amy appeared in a special eviction night segment in Big Brother All-Stars where she discussed former houseguest Marcellas, and revealed that their once close friendship no longer existed. She also returned to the house in Big Brother 10 where she competed in a food competition.


Chiara Jude Berti is a 25-year-old marketing representative from New York, NY. She was evicted from the house on day 48 in a 4-1 vote. She had a showmance with Roddy and was in the Couples Alliance with him, Eric, and Lisa. Chiara was popular in the house until she won head of household, but this popularity seemed to diminsh afterwards. This coupled with her decision to vote against her 'best friend' in the house Lisa the week before lead to her becoming an easy target, and she was evicted just one week after being Head of Household. Only Danielle voted to save Chiara on her eviction night. 


Danielle Reyes is a 30-year-old media buyer from Fairfield, CA.  She is married and has two children. She was declared the runner-up of the season on day 82 and won $50,000 USD, losing to Lisa Donahue in a 9-1 vote. This result sparked criticism from some fans who felt that Danielle lost the game purely on her entries in the Diary Room, where she often spoke about her fellow houseguests in a mocking and critical manner. The following season, the jury house was introduced, perhaps because of Danielle's loss. Early on in the game, Danielle teamed up with Jason in a strong but very secretive alliance. The alliance almost took them to the final 2, but they failed to win the final Head of Household prompting Lisa to evict Jason. Jason was Danielle's only vote in the final. In 2006, Danielle accepted an offer to appear on Big Brother 7: All Stars, where she claimed she was seeking redemption for her Big Brother 3 loss. She placed sixth. 


Eric Ouellette is a 27-year-old firefighter from Milford, CT.  He was a member of the couples alliance with Lisa, Chiara and Roddy. Eric was evicted by Gerry on day 34 in a tiebreaker 4-3 vote against his house showmance Lisa. 


Gerald "Gerry" Lancaster is a 51-year-old teacher from Shadow Hills, CA. Gerry was evicted on day 55 in a 4-0 vote. 


Jason Guy is a 25-year-old videographer from Mobile, AL. He is a born-again Christian. Jason was evicted by eventual winner Lisa Donahue on day 78.


Josh Feinberg is a 28-year-old waiter from Long Island, NY. He was evicted on day 41 in a 5-0 vote. 


Lisa Donahue is a 26-year-old bartender from Los Angeles, CA. She was declared the winner of the show on day 82 in a 9-1 vote. She received $500,000 USD as a prize for winning the show. Lisa was a candidate for Big Brother 7: All Stars in 2006 but was not chosen to compete during the actual season. 


Lori Olsen is a 37-year-old bank representative from Foxboro, WI. She was evicted on day 13 in a 5-4 vote. Lori is probably best remembered for starting an explosive argument with Danielle out of the blue, when she took offensive to the other housemates discussing Gerry's hygiene when he was not around. 


Marcellas Reynolds is in his 30s and from Chicago, IL. He was evicted on day 69 in a 2-1 vote. Marcellas hosted House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show, an Internet talk show that was available at Marcellas returned on Big Brother 7: All Stars in 2006.  


Roddy Mancuso is a 30 year-old writer from Morristown, NJ. He was evicted from the house on day 62 in a 3-0 vote. 


Tonya Paoni is a 35 year-old retail sales specialist from Las Vegas, Nevada. She was evicted on day 20 in a 5-3 vote.


A weekly summary table of tasks, evictions, major events, and other notable moments in the Big Brother house follows.

Week 1 Events
  • On Day 1, twelve HouseGuests entered the Big Brother House.
  • Lisa became the first Head of Household for the season after eight of her fellow HouseGuests voted her into the position.
  • As Head of Household, Lisa nominated Marcellas and Lori for eviction. As Gerry won the Power of Veto, he saved Marcellas and Lisa nominated Amy as Marcellas' replacement.
  • Lisa won the Head of Household Competition "Wheel of First Impressions"
  • The first food competition was called "Eggs Over Easy" and involved the men tossing eggs with food names written on them over a wall to the women for sixty seconds, and vice versa. Eggs that were caught would be the groceries the houseguests had for the week.
  • Week 1's Power of Veto task called "Saving Face" involved using water-powered cannons and mannequins. Gerry won the Veto and saved Marcellas, with Head of Household Lisa replacing him with Amy.
  • In a test of how well the HouseGuests knew their surroundings called "Luau Luxury", Big Brother removed specific items from the house. The HouseGuests were split into two teams and the winning team would win a luxury luau. Amy, Eric, Gerry, Lisa, Marcellas, and Tonya won the task.
  • Lori was the first HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 13 in a 5-4 vote.
Week 2 Events
  • Following Lori's eviction, Marcellas won second Head of Household competition called "In the House". As Danielle won the Power of Veto, she chose to leave Marcellas's nominations intact.
  • As Head of Household, Marcellas nominated Josh and Tonya for eviction.
  • The food competition called "Brownie House" involved eating a chocolate house. In the end, the red team won, but Josh was disqualified for sticking parts of the chocolate walls in his pants pockets.
  • America's choice involved America choosing a competition for the HouseGuests to compete in. America had the choice of bowling, jousting, etc. America wanted to see how kingpin the House was. The winner was Danielle, who chose a silent elliptical trainer.
  • In Week 2's veto competition "An Offer You Can't Refuse, the HouseGuests gave each other offers that they could not refuse. Danielle was the eventual winner of the Power of Veto.
  • Tonya was the second HouseGuests evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 20 in a 5-3 vote.
Week 3 Events
  • Following Tonya's eviction, Roddy won the Head of Household competition "One Step Beyond". As Eric won the Power of Veto, he chose to keep Roddy's nominations intact.
  • As Head of Household, Roddy nominated Amy and Marcellas for eviction.
  • America's Choice awarded Marcellas with a romantic dinner in the diary room. Marcellas won the chance to take someone and he chose Amy.
  • The food competition, "Gastronomic Batik" involved sliding labeled game chips into a container. Whichever got into the container was the House's supply of food for the week. The House was awarded sweets/cheese and Subway sandwiches.
  • In Week 3's veto competition "Pool Sharks", the players had to knock a ball into the pool that shows the person that should not be the veto winner. Eric was the eventual winner of the Power of Veto.
  • Amy was the third HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 27 in a 7-0 vote.
Week 4 Events
  • Following Amy's eviction, Gerry won the Head of Household competition "Face Off" a question and answee game, based on the first three evictees. As Chiara won the Power of Veto, she chose to keep Gerry's nominations intact.
  • As Head of Household, Gerry nominated Lisa and Eric for eviction.
  • This week's America's Choice gave Jason a letter from home.
  • The food competition was a bidding race,"I Can Eat Anything Better Than You". The winning team is able to enjoy food for the week while the losing team is on PB& J all week long. In the end, Marcellas, Lisa, Jason and Eric win food for the week.
  • In Week 4's veto competition called Turnover, it was a test of memory. Each HouseGuest had to turn over squares. Chiara was the last person left and was the eventual winner of the Power of Veto.
  • Eric was the fourth HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 34 in a tied vote, in which Gerry broke by voting for Eric.
Week 5 Events
  • Following Eric's eviction, Chiara won the Head of Household competition in a bowling competition entitled Gutter Ball. As Lisa won the Power of Veto, she chose to keep Chaira's nominations intact.
  • As Head of Household, Chiara nominated Josh and Roddy for eviction.
  • After Week 5's Head of Household challenge finished, a twist was revealed that would allow Eric, Amy, Tonya or Lori to come back in next week's eviction show. They would return in time to compete for HoH.
  • America chose to given the House a microwave rather than a blender or massage chair.
  • The food competition called "Ballast" involved pulling labeled logs out of a structure. Eventually, the House won cookies and other food items.
  • In Week 5's veto competition "Clockwork", it was an events game, based on what came up on the screen. Lisa was the eventual winner of the Power of Veto.
  • Josh was the fifth HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 41 in a 5-0 vote.
Week 6 Entrances
  • After Josh's eviction, Amy won the right to come back in the House after the HouseGuests decided that she deserved another chance at the game.
  • After Josh's eviction and Amy's return, the HouseGuests competed in a Head of Household competition that involved a bathtub with buckets of gross thing being poured out called "Houseguest Soup". After a tense endurance battle, Amy won Head of Household.
  • As Head of Household, Amy nominated Chaira and Roddy for eviction. As Gerry won the Power of Veto, he chose to keep Amy's nominations intact.
  • The food competition called "Whirlwind Booth" involved collecting food vouchers and the HouseGuests had the chance to earn money. In the end, they all give Gerry the money for his 28th anniversary.
  • The luxury competition was a race to find CDs, hidden throughout the house and decipher a clue that is on all the CDs. All the pieces were put together and everybody went outside to claim their prize. It was a concert from Sheryl Crow. This event was broadcast on CBS as Big Brother's first 2 hour show.
  • In Week 6's veto competition called "A Slippery Proposition", the HouseGuests were to come close to the end line. Gerry came closest, meaning that he was the eventual winner of the Power of Veto.
  • Chiara was the sixth HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 48 in a 4-1 vote.
Week 7 Events
  • After Chiara's eviction, Jason won Head of Household called "Who Said It?" a question-answer game about what former HouseGuests said.
  • As Head of Household, Jason nominated Amy and Gerry for eviction. As Jason won the Power of Veto, he chose to keep his own nominations intact.
  • America's Choice awarded Danielle a video message from her family.
  • The food competition called "Making the Donuts" involved collecting and getting giant donuts through an obstacle course in less than seven minutes. In the end, they do win some food and some baked goods and coffee from Dunkin' Donuts.
  • In Week 7's veto competition "Gnome Drop", it involved answering multiple choice questions and chopping ropes that the gnomes are attached to. In the end, Jason's gnome was the only one hanging. Jason was the eventual winner of the Power of Veto.
  • Gerry was the seventh HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 55 in a 4-0 vote.
Week 8 Events
  • After Gerry's eviction, Marcellas won Head of Household competition called "Evicted Statements", a question/answer game, using red or black paddles.
  • As Head of Household, Marcellas nominated Amy and Roddy for eviction.
  • In the food competition called "Sweet Surprise", the HouseGuest had to locate seven medallions in the soon to be locked Map Room (a.k.a High Rent District). The HouseGuests retrieve all of the medallions, meaning there is no PB&J for the week.
  • In Week 8's veto competition "Big Brother Charm School", the HouseGuests had to go through various obstacles with a veto balanced on their head. The person with least amount of time (including penalties) will win the veto. Amy was the eventual winner of the Power of Veto. Jason and Amy win massages.
  • America chose to give the House a clothing shopping spree in the House's living room rather than toys and games or sporting goods.
  • Roddy was the eighth HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 62 in a 3-0 vote.
Week 9 Events
  • After Roddy's eviction, Jason won Head of Household for the second time in a past events in the house game called "Freezeframe".
  • As Head Household, Jason nominated Amy and Marcellas for eviction.
  • Jason introduces the Golden Power of Veto. A nominee may remove themselves from the block with it.
  • Marcellas chose not to use the Golden Power of Veto.
  • In the food competition called "Dinner Party From Hell", each team had to consume a plate of food in a backyard setting. The HouseGuests do not get any food for the week. They are only eating PB&J.
  • In Week 9's veto competition "Laser Labyrinth", the HouseGuests had to walk over pictures of evicted HouseGuests in the correct order. Marcellas was the eventual winner of the final Big Brother 3 veto.
  • Marcellas was the ninth HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 69 in a tied vote. Jason broke the tie by voting for Marcellas.
Week 10 Events
  • After Marcellas's eviction, Daniele won the Head of Household competition entitled "...And Then There Were Four", which asked questions about Danielle, Jason, Amy and Lisa.
  • As Head of Household, Danielle nominated Lisa and Amy for eviction, giving the responsibility of casting the lone eviction vote to Jason.
  • America chose to give Lisa a chat with fans on the Internet. To Lisa's surprise, her ex-HouseGuest, Eric logged on to hype up the chat.
  • In the final food competition called "Squeezeplay", the HouseGuests were dressed in sponge suits for the week's food competition. In the end, they filled five out of seven pools. The missed pools were Indian food and Mexican. The choices of food they did win were Southern Barbecue, Surf 'N Turf and Japanese.
  • No Power of Veto competition was held in the days before the final four and final three evictions.
  • In a luxury competition the final four were offered with phone calls after them being on a search to find the phones through the house as well as one thousand in cash for a loved one. They were all called into the diary room one by one were Julie offers more tempting prizes in addition to their phone call and one thousand in cash for a loved one. The prizes were five thousand to up to fifteen thousand but if one accepts, the others will not get anything. Danielle accepte at 5, Amy at 10, Jason at 15. If more the one person accepts the person with the lowest number on their cell phone wins therefor Amy won.
  • In a luxury competition called "Surf's Up", taking place of the now powerless Veto competitions, the four got to take a turn to ride the surfboard. The two that stayed on the longest were Amy and Jason, giving them the chance to go on an ocean cruise outside of the house.
  • Amy was evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 76 in a 1-0 vote. This is her second time getting evicted from the House.
Week 11
(Days 76-78)
  • The final 3 HouseGuests: Jason, Danielle, and Lisa competed for the final HOH. By winning, that HouseGuest could choose one person to take to the finals with them.
  • Lisa won round 1 of the final HoH competition called "HOH Lifeboat", while Jason won round 2 of the final HoH competition, "Household Chores". Overall, Lisa won the HoH competition "Jury Statements"
  • Lisa evicted Jason from the Big Brother House on Day 78 in a 1-0 vote. Lisa and Danielle became the final two HouseGuest.
Week 11

(Days 78-82)
  • The evicted HouesGuests asked Lisa and Danielle questions and the two gave their responses.
  • The evicted HouseGuests cast their votes through a special diary room of a jury house, specially made for the finale.
  • Before entering the house to reveal their votes, the evicted HouseGuests sat down to chat with Julie Chen in her studio.
  • The evicted HouseGuests returned to the house for the first time since being evicted to vote for a winner. Lori, Tonya, Amy, Eric, Josh, Chiara, Gerry, Roddy and Marcellas all voted for Lisa to win. Jason was the only one to vote for Danielle to win. Lisa won the third season by a vote of 9-1.
  • Danielle exited the house on Day 82 after finishing in second place and being awarded $50,000.
  • Lisa exited the house on Day 82 after becoming the winner of Big Brother 3 and being awarded $500,000.



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