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Big Brother 7

Big Brother 7: All-Stars is the seventh season of the United States reality television series Big Brother. It aired on CBS from July 6 to September 12, 2006. Julie Chen continued as host as she had in previous seasons.

Although the rules remained basically the same, the 14 contestants chosen had all appeared in previous seasons of the show.

Selection of HouseGuests

On June 21, 2006, CBS aired a preview episode offering 20 former contestants from all six previous seasons as candidates for this season. The 20 finalists would be able to campaign for themselves on the internet to garner public support. After the preview show, internet voting opened to the public with the promise that the top six vote getters would enter the house and another six would be chosen by the producers. On the first episode, Julie Chen announced that due to the high volume of voting, CBS decided to admit the top four male and top four female vote-getters, as well as six producer-chosen contestants, raising the total cast from twelve to fourteen. The 20 finalists lined up outside the house and Julie announced the results, with the 14 selected HouseGuests entering the house immediately. The premiere episode scored 7.69 million viewers, down from the previous year's average for the show.

Broadcasts and features

Companion internet talk show House Calls returned for this season. Former co-anchor Marcellas Reynolds was a contestant this season, so co-anchor Gretchen Massey hosted the show with a new guest each week. Each Friday, the evicted HouseGuest appeared on the show. Similar to earlier seasons of the show, 24/7 feeds were available for a small fee on CBS' webpage.

Additionally, a mobile package was introduced this season. Fans could text a code to a number displayed during the show to become "Mobile Pack" subscribers. For a small fee, they would receive daily video and text alerts about events in the house as well as exclusive "Diary Room" interview footage not available anywhere else. They also were able to download ringtones and wallpapers for their phones. This service, titled "Big Brother Goes Mobile." was an Emmy finalist for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Television.

The last remaining HouseGuest wins $500,000. The runner-up receives $50,000. It was also revealed after the finalists had been determined that a member of the Jury, as decided by America, will win an additional prize of $25,000, in a contest similar to Survivor: America's Tribal Council.

The House

This year's house's theme is "A House of Extremes". There are large neon flames in the lounge, gothic design features such as gargoyles, and in one bedroom, there is a tarantula cage. For the first time, the house has a billiards table. Definitions of the words love, hate, alliance, trust, honesty, deceit and loyalty are printed on the walls. The house keeps last year's two-story idea, with a large Head of Household room whose decor changes with its occupant. The spy screen has also been saved, though there has not been much discussion of its use or usefulness. Famous Big Brother artifacts hang on the walls, such as Hardy's toothbrush, with which Shannon scrubbed the toilet in Season 2, the Power of Veto Marcellas did not use in season 3, Marcellas's gnome Boo, the shirt of the mime from season four,the X-Factor statue from season 4, a portrait of Adria (representing season 5's Twin Twist) Howie's lightsaber from season 6, and the nomination keys of all the previous winners (a key for Eddie McGee was produced especially for the display because there were never any keys during the inaugural season).

Coup d'état

A new Coup d'état feature was announced at the end of the August 3 episode, in which HouseGuests can possibly take away the Head of Household power from the current holder by replacing his or her nominations at a moment's notice, excluding the veto holder and head of household. The winner of this power, Mike Malin, only had 3 evictions to use it; however, he could not use it in the end, as he opted not to use the power for two weeks, and became the Head of Household the third week.


George - from season 1

George Boswell, nicknamed Chicken George, was a roofer from Rockford, Illinois. After his time on the show, George quit the roofing business and began doing promotion jobs for the Tropicana Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. At one point in the show, he tried to encourage his fellow housemates to walk-out in protest the show's rules. In 2006, George moved into the Big Brother: All Stars house, but was evicted in the eighth week. 

Mike - from season 2

Mike "Boogie" Malin is a bar owner from Los Angeles, CA  He was evicted in week 4 by a vote of 4-1. He memorably proposed to Krista during the show's final episode. Malin was a member of the Chilltown alliance. He would later return in 2006 for Big Brother: All Stars, where he became the eventual champion.  

Will  - from season 2

Will Kirby is a physician from Miami, FL. Known as "Dr. Will" and a member of Chilltown alliance, his strategy was to combine charm with lies. Despite being nominated four times, his strategy worked and Will was crowned champion of Big Brother 2, defeating Nicole by a final vote of 5-2. In 2006, he appeared on Big Brother: All Stars, where he finished in fourth place.

Danielle - from season 3

Danielle Reyes is a media buyer from Fairfield, CA  She is married and has two children. She was declared the runner-up of the season on day 82 and won $50,000 USD, losing to Lisa Donahue in a 9-1 vote. This result sparked criticism from some fans who felt that Danielle lost the game purely on her entries in the Diary Room, where she often spoke about her fellow houseguests in a mocking and critical manner. The following season, the jury house was introduced, perhaps because of Danielle's loss. Early on in the game, Danielle teamed up with Jason in a strong but very secretive alliance. The alliance almost took them to the final 2, but they failed to win the final Head of Household prompting Lisa to evict Jason. Jason was Danielle's only vote in the final. In 2006, Danielle accepted an offer to appear on Big Brother 7: All Stars, where she claimed she was seeking redemption for her Big Brother 3 loss. She placed sixth. 

Marcellas - from season 3

Marcellas Reynolds is in his 30s and from Chicago, IL. On season 3 he was evicted on day 69 in a 2-1 vote. Marcellas hosted House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show, an Internet talk show that was available at Marcellas returned on Big Brother 7: All Stars in 2006.  

Alison - from season 4

Alison Irwin (born August 7, 1980, in Pennsylvania) was a 22-year-old retail sales manager from Meadville, Pennsylvania. Her ex-boyfriend Justin Giovinco appeared on the show with her as part of the X-Factor twist. She was announced the runner-up of the season on day 82, losing to winner Jun Song in a 6-1 jury vote. Alison received $50,000 USD for being the runner-up of the season. In 2004, Alison appeared on The Amazing Race 5 with her boyfriend, Donald Patrick. She was also chosen to appear on Big Brother 7: All Stars in 2006. She was the first one evicted on Day 11. 

Erika - from season 4

Erika Landin (born December 5, 1970) was a 33-year-old Pilates instructor from Los Angeles, California. Her ex-boyfriend Robert Roman appeared on the show with her as part of the X-Factor twist. She was evicted on day 68 in a 1-0 vote. Erika was chosen to compete in Big Brother 7: All Stars in 2006, where she was the runner up and received $50,000, although after the All Stars finale, Erika quickly found out that she was being played by fellow houseguest, Mike "Boogie" Malin (Big Brother 2). Although many people believed that she was also playing him.  

Diane - from season 5

Diane Henry (born March 1, 1982, in Euless, Texas) is a 22-year-old cocktail waitress from Burlington, Kentucky. Diane finished in third place, being evicted on Day 78. Diane was later chosen to be a contestant in Big Brother 7, but was the fourth evicted. 

Jase - from season 5

Zach "Jase" Wirey is a 28-year-old volunteer firefighter from Decatur, Illinois. His real name is Zach, with Jase only being his stage name. He was evicted on Day 42. Jase was later a contestant in Big Brother 7: All-Stars, but was evicted in Week 3, on July 27, 2006.  

Nakomis - from season 5

Jennifer Jeannene "Nakomis" Dedmon (born April 25, 1983, in Houston, Texas) is a 21-year-old restaurant waitress from San Antonio, Texas. She was later a contestant in Big Brother 7: All-Stars, but was evicted in Week 2. "Nakomis" is a nickname she got when she was 15. It means "daughter of the moon". 

Howie - from season 6

Howie Gordon (born January 7, 1971, in Chicago, Illinois) who called himself "Jedi Howie" or "Hurricane Howie". Howie and Rachel were secret partners, being best friends. Howie finished in fifth place, being evicted in week 10 (a double eviction week) by a vote of 2-1. Howie was selected to return in 2006 as a contestant on Big Brother: All Stars. 

James - from season 6

James Rhine (born December 6, 1975 in Miami, Florida) was a loss prevention manager (although he lied about his occupation to the HouseGuests). James and Sarah were secret partners, as they were dating. He finished in seventh place when he was evicted in week nine by a vote of 4-0. James returned in 2006 for Big Brother: All Stars, where he finished seventh once again. 

Janelle - from season 6

Janelle Pierzina (born January 10, 1980, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota) is a VIP cocktail waitress from Miami Beach. Janelle and Ashlea were secret partners, being ex-roommates. She finished third, being evicted in the final week by Head of Household Ivette, who cast the only vote.

Janelle returned the next year for Big Brother: All Stars, where she placed third once again. She also won the $25,000 jury prize at the BB7 finale. She returned to host a Power of Veto competition in Big Brother 8, The Janelle-O-Vision, and was Season 6's representative in a food competition celebrating 10 years of Big Brother in Season 10. 

Kaysar - from season 6

Kaysar Ridha (born August 10, 1980, in Baghdad, Iraq) is a graphic designer from Irvine, California. He was the first Muslim contestant on the show. Kaysar and Michael were secret partners, being neighbours and friends. He was first evicted in week five by a vote of 7-1. Dubbed as one of the "most popular contestants ever" on Big Brother, he was voted back into the house after 82% of voters in an "America's Choice" poll selected him over Eric and Michael to return.

However, Kaysar was evicted again just two weeks later (the same week he returned to the house), by a vote of 7-0.

He returned for Big Brother 7: All-Stars in 2006. 


Events Competitions
Week 1
  • On Day 1, fourteen HouseGuests entered the Big Brother house. Originally there were supposed to be 12, but the producers decided to add two more. There were four HouseGuests from season six, three from season five, two each from season two, season three, and season four and one from season one.
  • Alison & Danielle came up with the idea that if Jase were to not agree with Janelle, she would be put up and get voted out because of her alliance and skill. Jase did not agree and both HoH's decided to nominate Alison and Danielle for eviction.
  • Rules for the veto competition changed this season. Only the HoH, nominees and three other players picked from a random draw could compete. Since there were two HoH's in the first week only two random players were picked instead of three.
  • Janelle chose not to use the Power of Veto.
  • The early campaigning went in favor of Danielle, with the Season 6 alliance backing her, and most of the others not wanting to become targets. However, Will, Mike, Nakomis, and Diane decided that Alison would be more effective in attacking Season 6, and slowly worked Marcellas and Erika around to their side by Day 8. (Although they were on friendly terms with Season 6, neither was happy to be on the outside of the stronger four-person alliance core, and Marcellas carried lingering enmity towards Danielle for the events of Season 3, while Erika was approached by Alison to bury their grievances from Season 4, and was also in a pre-existing alliance with Mike.) At this point, it seemed likely Alison would stay, but when Big Brother clarified the rules on a tie vote on Day 9 (if the two Heads of Household did not agree on how to break the tie [Janelle supported Danielle, but Jase was campaigning for Alison], the Veto Holder [Janelle] would break the tie), it became clear that six solid votes would be needed to evict Danielle, and most of the voters decided to play it safe and vote along with the Season 6 alliance.
  • On Day 11, Alison was evicted by a vote of 8 to 2. Only Diane and Nakomis voted to evict Danielle.
  • HoH: "Falling Stars; On Day 1, seven HouseGuests took turns swinging a boulder attached to a rope at the seven HouseGuests standing on pedestals on a giant wheel. A HouseGuest was eliminated upon falling off the pedestal. The last HouseGuest remaining on a pedestal in each of the two heats won the competition. Jase & Janelle were the last two standing and were crowned co-HoH's.
  • PoV: "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Veto"; On Day 5, Jase, Janelle, Alison, Danielle, Kaysar, and George had to dig through trash heaps from past seasons of Big Brother while covered in fish chum and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The first player to find six veto symbols and place them in their tray wins. Janelle was the first player to find the six veto symbols and won.
Week 2
  • Kaysar nominated Diane and Nakomis after promising Will and Mike he planned on weeding out the floaters.
  • Big Brother Slop is introduced as the replacement for PB&J sandwiches. Danielle, Howie, James, Nakomis, Janelle, and Marcellas lost the week's food competition and were restricted to slop for the week.
  • Erika won the PoV and chose not to use it.
  • On Day 18, Nakomis was evicted by a vote of 8 to 2. Only Janelle and Will voted to evict Diane.
  • HoH: "Alison Rules". The HouseGuests had to answer true-or-false questions about Alison's, the recent evictee, opinions. Those who answered correctly stayed in the competition while those who answered incorrectly were eliminated, unless everyone got a question wrong. Kaysar was the last standing and became the Head of Household, much to Alison's dismay.
    • After Kaysar became the new Head of Household, Howie became ecstatic running around the backyard in celebration. The censors missed a barely audible James telling Howie to "calm it the fuck down".
  • Food: "Slop Till You Drop"; On Day 12, the HouseGuests were introduced Big Brother Slop as the replacement for PB&J sandwiches. Contestants were divided into two teams of three pairs each. Each pair were tied to each other and had to bob for fake rats in troughs of slop. The team with the most rats after the time limit won the food competition. The losing team would have to eat slop for the entire week. The winning team was Diane, Mike, George, Jase, Will, and Erika.
  • PoV: "Big Brother Golf Classic"; On Day 13, Kaysar, Diane, Nakomis, Will, Erika, and James were given over sized golf clubs and had to hit oversized golf balls into a certain "zone". Depending on the "zone" where their golf balls landed they had to add or remove "veto-balls" from their tube. If they landed in the "Give" zone, they could give a "veto-ball" to a player of their choice. Once there are seven "veto-balls" in a player's tube that player is eliminated and the last player standing or the player with the lowest number of "veto-balls" wins. Erika won the competition.
Week 3
  • As Head of Household, James nominated George and Will for eviction on Day 20. James said that he was playing the game for himself and that Big Brother was not a team game. George took being nominated personally and said that James thought he was the head rooster but the colonel was right around the corner.
  • On Day 21 George won the Golden Power of Veto and on Day 22 Kaysar informed Jase that the S-6 alliance were going to put him up in George's place. Jase was angered and lashed out he did everything in his power to turn the house against each other, mainly against Marcellas, who was accused of playing both sides.
  • On Day 22 George vetoed his nomination after a heartfelt monologue, James nominated Jase as his replacement.
  • On Day 25, Jase was evicted by a unanimous vote of 9 to 0.
  • HoH: "Pay Attention". Prior to the competition, the HouseGuests were shown still frame pictures from the first two competitions of the season and told to pay attention. Julie asked multiple-choice questions about the photos. An incorrect answer meant elimination, unless everyone was wrong. James beat Danielle in the tie-breaker (How many seconds did it take for Janelle to win the Big Brother Dump veto competition?
  • Food: "Balanced Diet"; On Day 19, the HouseGuests paired into two pairs, each pair had to maneuver a bowling ball up an incline ramp with holes at the top. If a pair's ball made it to the top of the ramp wins food for the house on that day plus a catered meal. If a ball fell on the way to the top, the HouseGuests ate whatever their ball fell in to that day. The sections were Slop, Veggies & Beer, Bread and Kumquats, Meat & Ice cream and another Slop Spoiler. Four pairs won feasts. Danielle and Will only won vegetables, beer, bread, and kumquats. Marcellas and Janelle only won vegetables and beer.
  • PoV: "How Bad Do You Want It?"; On Day 20, James, George, Will, Mike, Kaysar, and Jase had to complete six tasks on the Big Brother thermometer as each task was revealed the six players hold up a red ball if they refuse or a green ball if they accept. The last remaining player wins the Golden Power of Veto. After accomplishing the unpleasant tasks of eating a bowl of slop, removing and burning his clothing, letting other HouseGuests write on his body, dipping into a bathtub filled with blueberry juice (and subsequently being "dyed" blue), giving up his chance to play in the veto competition the following week, shaving his head, and deciding to eat slop for sixty days (the rest of his stay in the house), George won the Golden Power of Veto.
Week 4
  • On Day 26, Janelle nominated Erika and Mike for eviction. Janelle said that Erika was only a pawn and that she just didn't like Mike. She later admitted to only wanting a floater out of the game, due to the fact that there were so many floaters.
  • On Day 27, starting at midnight, the HouseGuests were awakened by fans' wake-up calls every 15 minutes as the result of an America's Choice poll.
  • On Day 29, after Mike vetoed himself, Janelle replaced Mike with Diane. This caused controversy among the members of Janelle's alliance, especially James. They had hoped that Will would be the replacement. They also caught Janelle in a lie: Janelle told her alliance she did not want Will and Mike to win the Power of Veto, but she had told Howie prior to the competition that she did not want Diane or Erika to win. This caused James to lash out at Janelle, saying in the DR that he was "done with Season Six". He then formed an alliance with Danielle, Will, and Mike called "Legion of Doom".
  • On Day 32, Diane was evicted from the Big Brother House by a vote of 7 to 1. Only Will voted against Erika. (The explanation that he gave was "stirring the pot", but the repeated moves he made against Erika later in the competition may imply a more specific motive.)
  • HoH: "Define & Dismiss"; On Day 24, the HouseGuests were quizzed about the definitions of words written on the walls in the house. Janelle won the competition and was crowned Head of Household for the second time in the season.
  • Food: "Food Fight"; On Day 25, James, Kaysar, Howie, Danielle & Mike won the competition.
  • PoV: "Torture Test"; On Day 27, Mike, Erika, Janelle, Diane, Howie, and Will had to read words backwards while being subjected to various torture devices such as nightcrawlers, blindfolds, neck braces, and blaring music. Mike won the competition.
Week 5
  • On Day 33, Danielle put up James as a pawn alongside Janelle. She believed James to be the only HouseGuest who could take the veto away from Janelle and also wanted to continue hiding from the rest of the house that they were in a secret alliance together.
  • On Day 34, Janelle won the Power of Veto and used the Power of Veto to remove herself from nomination.
  • Danielle chose Kaysar as the replacement nominee.
  • On Day 39, Kaysar was evicted by a vote of 5 to 1, excluding Janelle's vote against James, which he nullified.
  • HoH: "Caught in a Web"; On Day 32, the HouseGuests hanging in a rope web above the backyard, with the HouseGuest who hung on the longest winning. In order to spice up the precedings, Big Brother gave the first five HouseGuests eliminated from the competition a chance to open one of five eggs, three of which had prizes inside, while the other two were "rotten". Within 15 minutes, Will "fell" off the web to claim an egg – however, he was disappointed to choose a rotten egg. Kaysar "won" the other rotten egg, while James won the right to nullify someone's eviction vote, Marcellas won a pass exempting him from eating slop for one week (which he later gave to George), and Mike won $10,000. After two hours on the web, Danielle convinced Howie and Erika to both drop out by promising not to nominate them.
  • PoV: "Grave Mistakes"; On Day 34, Janelle, Danielle, James, Will, Boogie, and Marcellas are instructed to lie in open "graves" and can not talk or move. Each player begins with 40 points, during the competition HouseGuests are tempted with prizes and punishments. Prizes subtracts points from a player while punishments add points to a player. Many of the punishments would affect not only an individual player, but the entire house as well. By bidding on nothing but punishments, Janelle accumulated the most points and won the competition. Danielle became upset with her alliance mates Will, Boogie, and James because they chose to reward themselves with prizes instead of focusing on keeping Janelle from winning the Veto.
Week 6
  • Immediately after the HoH competition, the HouseGuests were informed that there would be a "new power" for which they were competing. They were not told that it was the "Coup d'état" and that the winner would overthrow the Head of Household and change the nominations to his or her liking, after the veto. During the week, the HouseGuests will be presented various clues describing a common Big Brother phrase. When a HouseGuest thinks they have discovered the phrase, they must say what they think it is in the diary room, however they only have one chance and they will not know whether or not they were correct until the eviction ceremony, when they will also be told what the power is. The first clue was a sheep with a pink bow, which was roaming the house when they reentered it after learning of the new competition.
  • On Day 40, Janelle nominated Danielle and Erika for eviction. She explained to Danielle that, because Danielle nominated her and her allies in the previous week, Janelle had no choice but to retaliate. She told Erika that she very much liked her, but despised her gameplay. Erika has since revealed that she is in the alliance of Chill Town, as she is involved in a "show-mance" relationship with Mike.
  • On Day 43, Danielle used the Power of Veto to take herself off of the nomination block. Janelle replaced her with Marcellas, although she stated that her intention was for Erika to be evicted.
  • On Day 46 just prior to the live eviction episode that week, Mike was revealed as the winner of the Coup d'état. Mike had the option for the next three evictions on whether or not he wished to use the power to overthrow the Head of Household. However, he could not tell the others that he had won nor could he inform them of what the power did. The correct answer was "You reap what you sow".
  • On Day 46, Marcellas was then evicted that night in a 6-0 vote when Mike chose not to use the power that week. Marcellas became the first member on the jury of seven and entered the "sequester" house.
  • HoH: "The Ghosts of Big Brother Past"; On Day 39, the HouseGuests were given true/false questions about a mock séance which took place on Day 38. The HouseGuests who either answered the question incorrectly (or were slowest when everyone answered correctly) were eliminated from the competition. Erika was the quickest to answer the final question correctly and beat out James to win Head of Household for Week 6. Technical difficulties in the original Head of Household competition (buttons not working correctly) required it to be repeated. The second Head of Household competition took place at approximately 10:50 p.m. PDT – five hours after the original competition – using mechanical wheels, answering A or B for questions, similarly to the original competition. Like all HoH competitions, it was hosted by Julie Chen. The final two HouseGuests remaining were Mike and Janelle, and this time, Janelle was crowned the new Head of Household, for the third time this season. CBS sanctioned the re-do HoH competition to avoid any questions about the validity of the Big Brother game.
  • Food: "Big Brother Bakery"; On Day 40, all the HouseGuests won the food competition. Nicole, from Season 2, Jun, from season 4, and Marvin from season 5 judge the competition. The houseguests had to make 7 different forms of slop.
  • PoV: "Anythingd You Can Do, I Can Do Veto"; On Day 41, Danielle won the Power of Veto, and Janelle complained that the other participants in the veto competition had handed it to her because neither Janelle nor Howie were competing (Howie was not chosen to compete in this veto, and Janelle had given up rights to compete the week before in the veto competition). Will went to Janelle to convince her to put up Marcellas in place of Danielle. Janelle refused saying that it would make Marcellas cry.
Week 7
  • On Day 46, immediately after the HoH competition, the HouseGuests were informed that it would be a double eviction week.
  • George was then asked to immediately nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. With a shocked look, he announced James and Erika as this week's first set of nominees.
  • George was approached by Mike, James, Danielle, and Erika and asked to backdoor Janelle, but George refused to, saying that he couldn't put up such an excellent player that way. Will approached George and told him to put himself (Will) up for eviction, but Will didn't tell Mike about this (not wanting to disclose that he'd made a move against Mike's secondary ally, Erika), so when George said just before the veto ceremony that he was going to put up Will, Mike got into a heated discussion with the rest of the HouseGuests and implicitly threatened George with the Coup d'état. George was actually hoping to evict Will, having secured promises from Janelle and Howie not to vote against Erika, and knowing that Danielle would vote to keep Erika as well. However, Erika doubted that Janelle and Howie would keep their word, and Mike had no interest in choosing between Erika and Will, his two closest allies, so both of them (along with Danielle) pressed George to nominate a replacement other than Will.
  • On Day 47, James used the PoV on himself. George replaced him with Howie.
  • On Day 47, Howie was then evicted that night in a 3-2 vote after Mike chose not to use the power that week. Only Janelle and James voted to keep Howie. Howie became the second juror.
  • On Day 48, after losing his Coup d'état power (it was only valid through three eviction ceremonies, and he was now HoH), Mike nominated James and Janelle, but told Janelle that they would help her win the veto.
  • On Day 49, Janelle used the Power of Veto on herself, and Mike replaced her with George as a pawn in order to get James out.
  • On Day 53, James was evicted by a vote of 3-1, with only Danielle voting to keep James. James became the third juror.
  • HoH: "Prom Night"; On Day 46, George became the Head of Household for the next two days.
  • PoV: "Gnome is Where the Veto Is"; Later that night as part of the double eviction week, James won the Power of Veto.
  • HoH: "Revenge of the Gnomes"; On Day 47, Mike became the second Head of Household for the week.
  • PoV: "Voo Doo Dolls"; On Day 48, Janelle won the Power of Veto, despite James's complaints of unnecessary roughness on Janelle's part during the competition.
Week 8
  • On Day 53, after the HoH competition, the HouseGuests were informed that the week would be a second double-eviction week.
  • On Day 54, Erika nominated Janelle and George for eviction, in hopes of using George as a pawn to evict Janelle from the house.
  • On Day 56, the HouseGuests were visited by actor Neil Patrick Harris, who brought them their presents for "Christmas in August". Will was especially excited about Neil's visit because he had talked at length before about being a big fan of the actor and his show, How I Met Your Mother.
  • On Day 57, Janelle used the PoV on herself and Erika chose to nominate Danielle in her place. Will and Mike assured George that he would not be going anywhere for the time being.
  • On Day 60, Danielle was evicted by a vote of 3-0 and became the fourth jury member.
  • Right after Janelle won HoH, she nominated Erika and George for eviction.
  • Erika used the Power of Veto on herself, and Janelle replaced her with Mike.
  • George was evicted by a vote of 2-0, becoming juror number five. On House Calls, Gretchen Massey told George that Kentucky Fried Chicken was giving him free chicken for a year, which of course he was very excited about.
  • HoH: "But First"; On Day 52, Erika became the next Head of Household. The competition was in honor of one of Julie Chen's most-used phrases.
  • Food: "The Birds & the Bees"; On Day 54, the HouseGuests competed in a food competition that resulted in them not having vegetables, fruit, bread, or dairy for the week, but earned George a slop pass, allowing him to eat normal food for the week. They also chose to accept one day on slop in order to receive a trampoline, and accepted another day on slop to have "Christmas in August".
  • PoV: "Two Faced"; On Day 55, for the second week in a row, Janelle won the Power of Veto.
  • HoH: "Battle of the Sexes"; On Day 60, Janelle answered 8 out of 8 questions correctly, becoming Head of Household.
  • PoV: "I'm Knots About Veto"; Later that hour, Erika won the Power of Veto. Will was the first to undo all the knots, but could not remove the Veto symbol from his rope, and broke his left thumb in the attempt.
Week 9
  • Mike, Will, and Janelle discussed how to approach Erika about evicting her this week. Erika still believed that Janelle was going after Chilltown, and Chilltown wanted Erika to continue believing that these were Janelle's objectives.
  • On Day 61, Mike put Janelle and Erika on the block for eviction.
  • On Day 64, the night before the penultimate eviction, Janelle and Erika compared notes regarding Chilltown's deception. The girls made a deal for Janelle to vote out Will the next evening, and for one of them to win the final HoH and vote out Mike, in order to be the last two standing.
  • On Day 65, Janelle used the final PoV on herself and Mike was forced to nominate Will in her place.
  • On Day 65, Janelle, the only remaining person with a vote, chose to evict Will, who had never been evicted before. Will became the sixth juror. In Erika's goodbye video to Will she told him that the "jig was up" and that he and Mike were "found out" about "Operation Double Date" (Erika only found out about that Chilltown was playing both girls, not that they called the plan Operation Double Date).
  • HoH: "Big Brother Bowl"; On Day 60, Mike won the Head of Household competition. This was not shown on the live Thursday night show like it typically is because of the double eviction day, but was shown on Sunday's episode.
  • PoV: "When the Stars Align"; On Day 62, Janelle won her fifth Power of Veto.
Week 10
  • On Day 67, Erika made a deal with Mike to throw the last part of the 3-part HoH competition. Erika had previously made a promise to Janelle that if she won HoH she would evict Mike. Erika had been contemplating the idea that it might be best to let Mike win HoH and vote out Janelle. In her eyes, this meant she still kept her promise to Janelle. As the day went on, however, Erika was seen on the live feeds mumbling to herself that she "needs to win this final HoH and get [Mike] out."
  • With Mike being the only eligible vote, Janelle was evicted from the Big Brother house and became the final member of the jury.
  • HoH Part I: "Mount HoH"; On Day 65, the HouseGuests had to hold onto keys above their heads with both hands while balancing on posts jutting out of a simulated volcano. Immediately after the contest began, Mike announced that Janelle and Erika had made the smartest move in Big Brother that night by evicting Will, but then asked Julie Chen whether she remembered Richard Hatch. Invoking the first Survivor winner caused a moment of confusion followed by the explanation that both of the women would need him in the final two to win since he is an unpopular player with his fellow competitors. Mike then intentionally let go of his key and jumped from the volcano, adding to the brief chaos. Moments later, Julie Chen noted that during the confusion Janelle had turned to see what Mike had done and had removed one of her hands from her key. Janelle was thus eliminated, and Erika won the endurance part of the three-part final HoH competition in less than five minutes, making this the shortest endurance HoH contest ever. This meant that Erika would advance to the final round.
  • HoH Part II: "Fly By Night"; On Day 66, Mike won part two of the three-part HoH competition. Mike would also advance to the final round. As an additional prize, Mike won a new Pontiac Solstice convertible that he said he would give to his mother.
  • HoH Part III: "Jury Statements"; On Day 67, Mike and Erika took part in the third and final part of the HoH competition on live TV, with Mike coming out as the victor, becoming the last HoH of the season and securing a spot in the Final Two.
Week 11
  • On Day 72, Jase and Diane admitted to the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith Alliance".
  • Erika and Mike were shown a video of Mike and Will in the Diary Room trash talking about Erika. Erika thus responded that Mike was being played by her just as much as she was being played by Mike.
  • A video was also shown to Janelle, featuring all the bad things that James said about her in the Diary Room.
  • Will also informed Erika that she may once again call him the "Puppet Master", implying that he once again manipulated the house guests in his favor.
  • Janelle Pierzina won the ad-hoc $25,000 America's Choice Jury prize.
  • Mike "Boogie" Malin, by a vote of 6-1, won Big Brother 7: All Stars and the $500,000 prize. Marcellas was the only one to vote for Erika, who won the runner-up prize of $50,000.



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